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Global non-woven consumer market and the future development of the forecast

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Non-woven textile industry in recent years has achieved great development.
By 1998, world non-woven consumption has reached 2.4 million tons. In 1970, its consumption was only 40 tons, but by 2007, its consumption is expected to reach 400 million tons.
Non-woven fabrics are mainly concentrated in the United States the producers of the world (41%), Western Europe and Japan accounted for 30 percent of China's yield only 8% of the world, the consumption of 3.5% for the world but the 17.5%. Expected to 2007, China's output will reach the world output, the consumption 7% of the world will increase to 21%.
At present, the artificial fiber still dominate non-woven production, and in 2007, this kind of situation before won't have big change. In the world scope for non-woven production fiber for 63% of polypropylene, 23% for polyester, 8% viscose, 2% for acrylic fiber, 1.5%, the remaining 3% for polyamide for other fibres.
In recent years on health absorbing materials, non-woven with, traffic tools use medicine with textile materials, shoemaking YingYongLiang significantly on growth.
Production and consumption
Global non-woven consumption in for 80 million tons in 1983, 1985, growth to 110 million tons for 140 million tons, 1988, in 1998, global consumption of 240 tons, non-woven is expected to 2005, its consumption can achieve 370 million tons.
Used for various textile man-made fibre consumption in for 1690 tons in 1983, and 1988 growth 2040 tons, 1998 reached 3040 tons, projected to 2005, its consumption for 3700 million tons, can reach 3830 million tons in 2007.
Man-made fibers in the production of the consumption growth in non-woven fabrics is expected to 2005, its consumption growth can be achieved 10%, in 2007 to will achieve 10.4%. Cause non-woven industrial consumption growth so fast partly for China, southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East of the auxiliary industrial increases.
The factors affect growth
All the influence factors of man-made fibre growth may be more or less with artificial fiber as raw material to produce certain effect of textiles, among which the biggest influence of non-woven textiles.

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