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Success of the project located in Cixi Bearing Industry Economic Development Zone, Guangzhou Germany

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Success of the project located in Cixi Bearing Industry Economic Development Zone, Guangzhou Germany 

Recently, following Yueqing electronics, automobile and motorcycle projects Yuhuan cluster Guangde enterprises have settled down after the group, another success of the project located in Cixi Bearing Industry Guangde Economic Development Zone. So far, Economic Development Zone, Guangzhou German companies have signed seven bearing settled, with a total investment of about 6 billion, of which the Bearing Co., Ltd. Ningbo times Aulin investment 230 million yuan. 

German Economic Development Zone, Guangzhou attracted so much why the short cluster group enterprises for it? Bearing Co., Ltd. Ningbo times Aulin Zhou Li, chairman of the town said with deep feeling: "In fact, the reason is very simple, here is a good investment environment, Bai! " 

In recent years, with the Yangtze River Delta to further accelerate the transfer of industries, industrial restructuring and upgrading, Anhui Guangde investment sector clear thinking, excellent election bills, focus on luring a group of high technological content, good prospects, competitive market, the backbone of enterprise . In order to attract investors from all sides, the development zone set up all the staff has always been such a philosophy: to create good investment environment and provide quality service, which requires both scientific planning, but also a clear development of ideas; we must have Dedication to service, but also the correct methods and measures. To this end, their efforts to overcome the bottlenecks, innovative investment environment, and to provide investors with an open, transparent, standardized and efficient services. Cixi City is a miniature bearings manufacturing base, and supporting bearings, bearings and other automation equipment manufacturing more than 200 member companies. Affected by the transfer of industry, Ningbo times Aulin Bearing Co., Ltd., Chairman, Association member companies Zhou led the town to study in Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Anhui and other areas, the Guangde favorable policy environment, pragmatic style of work, caring Quality services, so that Zhou and his party like to eat the town of "assurance", the final choice settled Guangde. 

German Economic Development Zone, Guangzhou take off together hard and soft environment, like a strong magnet is attracting more and more enterprises in the park. As President Zhou said, taking a lot of places, or a good investment environment Guangde. He will lead more and better enterprises to widely develop bigger and stronger Guangde bearing industry.

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