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750 billion new things pushed the market to upgrade the sensor industry

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Industry sources, the development of things by the new sensor as the material basis. Thus, the domestic enterprises should aim at the Internet of Things applications, development of new sensors. 

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No. 49 Wu Yalin, deputy director, said the new sensor networking applications, including material temperature, humidity, optical, infrared, chemical, magnetic and acoustic and other sensors. New set of advanced microelectronic sensor technology industry, computer technology, information technology and advanced manufacturing technology as a whole, represents the current sensor technology and industrial development direction, has broad market prospects. New sensors are based on MEMS technology, new materials, microelectronics and related disciplines technology, which is characterized by integration, intelligence, miniaturization, networking, multi-functional and low-cost, technical performance, high reliability . 

Industry experts believe that the current, relevant industry competent authorities or industry associations should organize experts, industrial users and research staff, the new sensor part of the project screening, evaluation, determine the part of the key support and priority development projects, to accelerate its industrialization process. Development of new sensors also should be based on areas of national economy development needs and the needs of things, through national policy support, funding, etc., to their own domestic R & D, with independent intellectual property rights, small batch of products has a certain market share, and gradually develop and grow with technological advantages of the enterprise, enabling them to become national and even international brand-name companies. 

According to the China Electronic Components Association Branch of sensitive components and sensors introduced the Secretary-General Meng Guo, industrial chain of things, including sensors and chips, equipment, network operations and services, software and application development and systems integration. As things "pyramid" pillar base, the sensor will be the total demand for the entire chain of the largest and the most basic aspects. "Sensor industry will directly affect the speed of the pace of development of things. Therefore, we set the annual meeting's theme 'the world of Things, sensing first'." 

Things around the intelligent transportation, environmental protection, government, public safety, safe home, smart fire fighting, industrial monitoring, elderly care, personal health and other fields. Intelligent transportation, urban security, smart grid and other industrial markets higher maturity, sensor technology is mature, big government support, in many cities have begun to scale applications, broad market prospects, great investment opportunities, will be the next few years, things Industry areas of focus. The medical and health, families, individuals and other areas of smart sensing applications will require a longer time, technology, standards are to be further improved, most products still in the experimental stage, the short term will not be large-scale application.

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