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Environmental testing instruments in China demand

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Environmental instrumentation used primarily in environmental quality monitoring and pollution monitoring. For China's specific national conditions, mainly to resolve the environmental protection of water environment, atmospheric environment, the strategic and global nature of the two major environmental and ecological pollution. Specifically, the main instrument of environmental protection requirements are as follows: 

(A) remote sensing instruments: 
Countries for environmental pollution control and ecological environment protection policy of attaching equal importance to strengthen environmental protection, we must monitor the ecological environment in China. Including desert, grassland, forests, marine, agricultural ecological environment monitoring, but also the need for air pollution, water pollution (such as red tide, oil spill) and the sources of pollution remote sensing and telemetry, but also to accept the establishment of satellite ground systems and satellite imagery analysis system, the ecological quality status and trend analysis for the country to provide environmental and ecological protection and construction of the scientific basis for decision making. 

(B) monitoring of pollution sources: 
The state should focus on the country 18 000 enterprises to implement pollution control and emissions of major pollutants reduction, to improve the quality of the environment, requiring 18,000 line polluters to gradually install continuous automatic monitoring system. Sophisticated instrument system made small, and demand is much greater than the environmental quality monitoring, mainly by the polluting enterprises to buy. Industry is mainly the power, petrochemical, building materials, metallurgy, paper making, food and urban sewage treatment plants, the potential market to the hundreds of billions of yuan. 

(C) environmental quality monitoring. 
Environmental protection system and departments across the country, industry, business has been built more than 4,000 stations, employing 60,000 people, there are many environmental research institutes. In recent years, environmental science and monitoring is the analytical instruments, equipment upgrading and improving the level of the period. SEPA plans to more than 400 countries in the national network of monitoring stations and equipment; 350 Environmental Information Center: 100 automatic monitoring system of urban air ground. Initial plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan, of which two-thirds of state investment, local investment third. This does not include industry, local capacity building and business investment in stations, departments, and local environmental protection tasks according to the needs of their own, different investment plans. 

At present, much-needed environmental instrumentation including: air quality monitoring instruments and automatic monitoring system; by coal-fired power station or boiler flue gas analysis instruments to represent monitoring system; surface water quality instrumentation and control systems; to municipal wastewater treatment plant and the high concentration organic wastewater pollution sources, represented by such monitoring instruments and automatic control system.

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