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Tissue World Asia 2010 of Shanghai

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The 2010 edition will be the fourth in the Tissue World Asia series, with the first having been launched in 2004. As standards of living and health continue to rise in essentially all Asian countries, the consumption of tissue products is increasing at a similar pace. To make sure you are getting your share of the business, Tissue World Asia should be a key part of your Asian marketing plan. 

Tissue World Asia is the perfect opportunity for suppliers of equipment, machinery, services and supplies to reach tissue markets in China, and throughout Asia, which continue to grow very rapidly in both tissue production and consumption. Many Asian countries such as China and India are among the world’s fastest growing economies, so as standards of living rise, the tissue business continues to increase in step. 

For tissue makers and converters from Asia and around the world, Tissue World Asia is a great event that allows you to check out the latest developments in machinery, markets and technology. It is also a first-class gathering point for all the key people in the industry, permitting you to meet many important contacts in the same place at the same time.

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