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Speed up industrial restructuring to become the new action valve industry in Wenzhou

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Wenzhou Valve Industry Association recently held a three second member of the General Assembly, at which the newly elected president of Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve Co., Ltd. Board Chairman Yang Rong water to do the "speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading development and create new industrial Wenzhou valve brilliant "work report. The report notes that the new valve, Wenzhou City Council will lead the enterprises to speed up transformation and upgrading of industrial structure to raise the overall level of industrial development block characteristics, safeguard regional brand in the domestic and international competitiveness, as another Wenzhou valve industry New brilliant.

Wenzhou valve industry has gone through 40 set business development process, the formation of a relatively complete system of industrial clusters, has won China Valve City, China valve village Honor. It is understood that Wenzhou has more than 1469 valve and related businesses, completed in 2009 valve industrial output value reached 32.0 billion, accounting for 73% of the province's valve output, accounting for one third of total output valve one above, with 16 countries, well-known trademarks, free products in 16 countries.

Wenzhou valve industry, particularly in science and technology innovation has yielded fruitful results in recent years, such as Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve Co., Ltd. successfully developed ultra-high temperature high pressure fast valve, an international initiative, the State granted five patents, one of which items for the national invention patent; Wuzhou Valve Co., Ltd. developed the high-pressure large-diameter welded ball valve has recently been completed, installation of these valves mainly from Shanghai to Guangzhou for the Second West-East Natural Gas Pipeline on the east.
Wenzhou valve industry consolidation and restructuring have emerged in recent years, a new trend. If this year in May, by Kay hi Tim Valve lead, to absorb China Sea seals and other 18 enterprises to grow, founded by Tim Kay hi Technology Group, officially inaugurated in Wenzhou. Hi Tim Kay Valve Group was set up, the 19 enterprises of the personnel, technology, capital and other re-deployment, a complete industrial chain. Prior to this, also chose to join the restructuring of the propaganda Forest Industry Group and Zhejiang-resistant butterfly valve company, after adjustments, and consolidation and reorganization of the advantages of gradually.

At the meeting, members of the delegates expressed their view that to speed up transformation and upgrading is out of Wenzhou valve industry is small scale enterprises scattered, low levels of an important work. Yang Rong Water Association representatives to determine the new valve industry in Wenzhou City's strategic direction: the domestic market-oriented R & D, "a new, refined, unique" as the product goals, technology innovation, system innovation as the driving force to create a valve the core competitiveness of the industry as the main direction. Continuously adjust and optimize the structure, aggregation, integration, upgrade the core technology and independent innovation, and increase the level of valve products, mechanical and electrical integration, efforts to achieve the valve to the pump and valve manufacturing production and strong regional area changes.

Wenzhou valve industry restructuring and upgrading program of action that, by 2015, cultivating 1 to 2 international brands, the basic realization of the economic block valve industry concentration area from the traditional to a modern industrial clusters across, which enhance the "China valve capital "of the regional brand image and enhance the" Wenzhou valve "in the global competitiveness of the market, and strive to become the world's major Wenzhou industrial base of the valve.

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