HY-360 full automatic reciprocating type packing machine

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Product speed:30-60bag/min
Diameter of raw film roll:≤380mm
Width of raw film roll:≤420mm
Wrapping material:PP,OPP,PET,PE, and all suitable films
Shapes of packing:pillow type packaging
Packing length:110-300mm(touch screen setable)
Packing Width:80~150mm(adjustable)
Height of packing:10-100mm (adjustable)
Horizontal sealing pattern:reciprocation heat sealing
Drive motor pattern: all servo drive
Control pattern:Yaskawa SIMOTION control system
Operation interface:7 inch LCD
Film supply system:servo drive
Horizontal system:servo drive 
Feeding system:servo drive
Labeling system:servo drive
Punching system:servo drive
Horizontal protection:Torque overload protection
Air requirements:0.5-0.8Mpa  0.01m3/min
Electric power requirements:380VAC  50/60HZ
General power:7.6KW
Dimension of Machine :  3610×1150×1900mm
Standard equipment:Date printing unit、Punching unit、Labelling unit、Inserting corner unit、Electrical eye tracking automatically 
Production process :
connect to HY-2700 folding machine → feeding wipe automatic  →conveying to packing machine → setting packing film → setting window hole label  → Central sealing →End sealing and reciprocating cut → Output finished products.
MainTechnical parameter:(Suitable to pack :5-120pcs/bag)
  • HY-2700A HY-360全自动湿巾生产线(80片)
  • HY-2800+HY-360婴儿湿巾生产线(80片装)
  • HY-12+HY-360湿巾生产线(30-120)片)
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