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HY-2700A (suitable for 30-120 pcs /pack)
Product type: baby wet wipes, kitchen wet wipes ect..
Production speed: 400-500 cuts/min (4800-6000 pcs/min)
Cutting unit: a. double paper shelves;  b. 8 lanes /10lanes /12 lanes ,  2 rolls;   c. raw material roll width :1000~1320mm
Power supply: 380V ,  50HZ
Power: 13KW
Raw material: air-laid paper, non-wovenfabric , spunlace
Unfolding size: (110-220)×(150-250)  (mm,L×W)
Folding size:  (110-220)×(90-120)  (mm,L×W)
Counting way: auto-counting, quantity changeable pile system
Control interface: Movable arm with MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Touching Screen
Control system: MITSUBISHI  ELECTRIC Servo Control System
Control pattern: presupposed full-automatic control
Motor drive: MITSUBISHI full-automatic servo drive
Wetting system: presupposed full-automatic quantitative wetting
Wetting accuracy: ±5%
Weight: 6000 kg
Humidification agitating system: double agitating drums with agitator (2 pcs)
Water tank size: 800×800(mm,Dia×H) 400 L  (2pcs)
Machine‘s size: 11000*3150*2000 mm(mm,L×W×H)

Product speed: 30-60bag/min
Diameter of raw film roll: ≤380mm
Width of raw film roll: ≤420mm
Wrapping material: PP,OPP,PET,PE, and all suitable films
Shapes of packing: pillow type packaging
Packing length: 100-300mm(touch screen setable)
Packing Width: 80~150mm(adjustable)
Height of packing: 10-100mm (adjustable)
Horizontal sealing pattern: reciprocation heat sealing
Drive motor pattern:  all servo drive
Control pattern: Yaskawa SIMOTION control system
Operation interface: 7 inch LCD
Film supply system: servo drive
Horizontal system: servo drive
Feeding system: servo drive
Labeling system: servo drive
Punching system: servo drive
Horizontal protection: Torque overload protection
Air requirements: 0.5-0.8Mpa  0.01m3/min
Electric power requirements: 380VAC  50/60HZ
General power: 7.6KW
Dimension of Machine :  5410×1150×1900mm

Production flow:
Unrolling  → Folding → Wetting  → Cutting→ Pile & Counting → Delivering tissue to packing

Performance specification:

1. Machine is covered with stainless steel board, while the mechanical parts contacting on products are made by stainless steel. The appearance is beautiful and the hygiene of products is also protected. Online auto liquid recycling and feeding can assure the evenness of liquid percentage. Auto counting unit, 2 stacking heads.

2. On this machine, the jumbo roll is folded, liquid added, fixed length cut, longitudinal folded and then into auto or manual packaged directly. All procedures from jumbo roll to final products packaging are all conducted on the machine. All procedure is hygienic.

3. This machine adopts full digital centralizing control, such as, advanced servo system, PLC program, touching screener and so on; it is accurate in positioning, high in automation level as well as nicely and tightly packaging of products. This machine materializes successive without stopping machine with stable production and high production efficiency. safety-guard door, emergency stop and so on.

4. Most of parts are precisely processed by numerical-control machine; the key mechanical parts are under CNC processing; while the main outsourcing parts are world famous brand.


Production flow process :

Connect to HY-2700A/B or HY-12 folding machine → Feeding wipe automatic  → Conveying to packing machine → Setting packing film → Setting window hole label  → Central sealing →End sealing and reciprocating cut → Output finished products.

Standard equipment: Date printing unit、Punching unit、Labelling unit、Inserting corner unit、Electrical eye tracking automatically

  • HY-2700A HY-360全自动湿巾生产线(80片)
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