HY-211 Wet tissue folding machine

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Production speed: 400-600 pcs/min
Suitable raw material: air laid paper, spunlace nonwoven fabric
Weight of raw material: 40-80gsm
Power supply: 380V 50HZ  Power: 6 KW
Size of raw material:  (140~300)×1000 (mm,W×Dia)
Wet tissue unfolded size: (160/180/200)×(140-300)  (mm,L×W)(The length depends on the folding unit you choose. Three size for chosen: 160mm, 180mm, 200mm)
Wet tissue folded size: (80/90/100)×(60~100) (mm,L×W) (The length depends on the folding unit you choose and the length will cross folded. The folded width can be adjustable.)
Counting unit :electronic counting & dislocation.
Cutting way: disc cutter(The machine with a blade sharpener, at the back of the machine. When the machine is running , the  sharpener is rotating. )
Size of machine: 3200×780×1300  (mm,L×W×H)
Weight of machine:1000 kg
Making option: Stainless steel water tank with agitator, 800×800 (mm,DIA×H) 400L
Production flow: unrolling →folding →wetting→cross folding →counting & cutting→delivering


It is a wet tissue folding machine without packing. It need workers to transfer the wet tissue from this machine to packing machine or pack by manually. 

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