HY-5800 Full-auto Wet Wipes Lid Applicator(SCARA ROBOT)

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Capacity 60-80 packs/min
Control system touch screen + PLC + Panasonic servo
Labeling size range length 50-100mm, width 40-100mm
Applicable range of finished wet wipes Length: 50-300, Width: 50-200mm, Height: 20-120mm
Applicable type of lid various specifications (the switching time between models can be controlled within about 2 minutes)
Cover size range length 50-200mm, width 50-120, height 2-10mm
Capping accuracy ±1.5mm
Plastic lid Capacity 4 slots (300-400 pcs)
Computer monitor, real-time monitoring of the movement process, one-key input to realize product switching
Power supply DC24V; 220V/50HZ 8KW
Air consumption 0.4 - 0.6MPa 1.0 m³/hour
Machine size 3300*1200*2000mm( L* W* H)
Machine weight: 2000kg

1. The Panasonic main body, which has a wide range of application cases in 3C electronic products, has superior speed, precision, linearity and verticality, and can quickly and accurately complete actions such as removing the plastic lid, gumming hot-melt glue, and attaching the plastic lid.

2. Vision system: adopts vision system, a new generation of humanized operation interface, and quickly establishes a visual inspection system. It adopts a high-level Hikvision MP-0814 interface camera to realize high-speed calculation and processing, and has a built-in PLC communication connection to automatically exchange data. The display and operation interface in the operation mode can be customized, and the operation is easy.

3. Touch screen: Use a 7-inch screen, cover position, glue application position, glue spray trajectory (rectangular, track type, elliptical type), cover compensation and other parameters can be modified on the touch screen.

4. Visual light source: Industrial LED light source is used, which is more durable than civilian light source, prolongs the decay time, the light source does not flicker, and improves the accuracy of taking pictures.

5. Display: 15-inch industrial display is used, which is more suitable for production workshops.

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