HY-12 wet wipes folding machine

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Product type: baby wipes(non cross folding)
Product speed: 200~280 cuts/min (2400~3400 sheet/min)
Suitable raw material: air laid paper, spunlace/hot-rolling nonwoven fabric
Weight of raw material : 40-80g/㎡
Folding way : “Z” shape (non-pop up and pop up)
Length of wet tissue: 140-185mm(set on PLC)
Frequency of receiving paper: 14-20times/min(set on PLC)
Power supply: 380V 50HZ
Size of raw material: (1000-1250)×Ø1000 (mm,W×Dia)
Wet tissue unfolded size: (140-185)×(150-200) (mm,L×W)
Wet tissue folded size: (140-185)×(80-110) (mm,L×W)
Material supply system:Servo motor
Cutting system:Converter motor
Piling system:Servo Motor
Power supply: 380V 50HZ
Power: 8KW
Size of machine: HY-12: 8500*3000*1800(mm,L×W×H)
Weight of machine: 3000 kg

Tip: equipped with 2 units of servo motors from Mitsubishi brand
Production flow: unrolling→ slitting fabric into lanes  → folding  → wetting  → cutting  → pile & counting  → delivering
  • HY-12+HY-360湿巾生产线(30-120)片)
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