HY-2800 Wet Wipes Folding Machine(jumbo rolls auto-splicing )

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HY-2800 (suitable to wet tissue for large size packing)
Product type: wet wipes (non cross folding)
Product speed: 400-500 cuts/min (12 lanes:  4800-6000 pcs/min)
Suitable raw material:  Spunlace or flushable material and else nonwovens.
Weight of raw material : 35-80g/㎡
Folding way : “Z” shape (pop up and non-pop up)
Length of wet wipes: 140-220mm (setting via touchscreen)
Size of raw material: (1000-1250)×Ø1000 (mm,W×Dia)
Wet wipes unfold size: (140-220)×(150-220) (mm,L×W)
Wet wipes folded size: (140-220)×(90-110) (mm,L×W)
Material supply system: Servo motor
Cutting system: Servo motor
Piling system: Servo Motor
Auto-splicer: Servo Motor + Converter
Power supply: 380V  50/60HZ
Power: 15 KW
Weight: 7000kg
Machine dimension: 10080×5400×2100 (mm LWH)         
Water Tank: 400L  2pcs
Production flow: Unrolling (auto-changing) - Wed Guide - Slitting fabric into Lanes - Z folding - Wetting - Cutting - Pile&counting - Delivering
●  The machine is can be upload 4 jumbo rolls online slitting unit, each 2 auto-splicing .
●  Each jumbo roll with auto unwinding unit, non-stop auto splicing unit.
●  Each jumbo roll with auto web guiding system, reduce the raw material offset.
●  Each jumbo roll with photoelectric detection sensor for non-woven joints, automatically reject the wasted joints.
  • HY-2800 Jumbo Rolls Auto-Splicing
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